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Goldie is a sexy delivery girl. She really pampers her customers. If the goods are lost or broken, she compensates them with... her own body. That day she delivered goods to a customer named Bambino. When he received the goods, he found an empty box. He looked again and looked around but couldn't find it, then he shouted and expressed his displeasure with Goldie. But according to the established principles she wanted before leaving, all her customers fell in love. So she groped and knelt down to suck the customer's cock. And she is willing to make him happy to make sure her customers feel satisfied with her services. What Goldie enjoys most about her job is being able to physically compensate her clients. The two of them fucked right in the living room. They seemed to work together very well, as if they had once loved each other. Goldie finally satisfied and truly pleased her customers.

Delivery was lost, female employee "compensated" for guests

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